Why Choose Care Lync?

Our dedication to you is what sets us apart.

Who We Are

Care Lync is a Social Services agency focused on providing Support Coordination/Case Management services to individuals diagnosed with Physical, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities enrolled in Medicaid Waiver Programs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our Service Coordinators work with individual to help them navigate, understand and secure the services needed in order to live independently in their home and community.

Authorized to self-approve plans in New Jersey

Now providing services for individuals enrolled in ODP!

How We Support You

Care Lync currently supports the following programs, services and waivers in Pennsylvania within the Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL) and Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)

  • Community Living Waiver
  • Consolidated Waiver
  • OBRA Waiver
  • Person/Family Directed Support PFDS Waiver (PFDS)
  • Program Exception

Care Lync currently supports the following programs, services, and waivers in New Jersey within the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD):

  • Community Care Program
  • Supports Program

We’re more than Service Coordinators, we are advocates.

We empower our Participants to lead exceptional lives and reach their maximum potential.

Our mission is to provide solutions for each of our Participants that allow them the independence they need to live a fulfilled life.

We educate each of our Participants about the choices available to them to be sure they get the services they want.

Expert Guidance

With decades of combined experience, Care Lync Service Coordinators are committed to the wellbeing of our Participants. Each Service Coordinator is college-educated and specially trained to deepen their knowledge and provide the highest quality of service delivery. We pride ourselves on having the best, most knowledgeable, and caring Service Coordinators in the industry.

How It Works

Our Service Coordinators identify and evaluate each Participant’s unique situation, needs, and ultimate lifestyle goals. In collaboration with the Participant and their family, our Service Coordinators create an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that addresses the Participant’s healthy lifestyle goals. We lync our Participants with the best providers available to support them in achieving their individualized goals. Plans are reviewed and monitored on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis and adjusted as necessary, all with focusing on enabling our Participants to live as actively and independently as possible at home and within their community.

Philanthropic Engagement

Along with providing service coordination and case management services to adults with disabilities, CareLync also seeks out philanthropic opportunities to promote the welfare of others in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We recently attended a “Stryke for Tykes” fundraiser, where we bowled to raise money for children with special needs. CareLync employees also attended the Camden County Spring Resource Fair last month to promote awareness about the services and treatments we provide. Another engaging opportunity we participated in was the Camden County NJ Miracle League’s SpringFest event. The Camden County Miracle League is a baseball program for children with disabilities. CCNJML recruits “buddies” which can be family members, individuals ages 12 and up, or volunteer groups to team up with its players. Each employee buddied up with a player and we enjoyed a fun game of baseball. CareLync’s engagement with the community varies, as we try to reach all ages and groups of people. We are always open to new opportunities and ways to create awareness about our mission

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