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Let our experienced Intake Coordinators help you enroll in the appropriate Medicaid Waiver to coordinate the services you need.

Dedicated Intake Coordinators Make a Big Difference

Our Intake Coordinators specialize in the Medicaid Waiver enrollment process. This ensures enrollment is smooth — our Intake Coordinators are with you every step of the way. We handle follow-up calls, set up and attend meetings to make sure the enrollment is being handled properly, and are on hand to act as advocates. Having dedicated Intake Coordinators focused on getting each individual Participant set up with the appropriate services means our Service Coordinators can focus on service coordination and our Participants and their families can rest easy knowing they are being taken care of.

Connecting you with services that empower.

Care Lync services Medicaid Waivers offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services Office of Long Term Living and the New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities. Depending on which state you live in and which waiver you apply for, you will be eligible for a variety of different Medicaid-funded services. That’s why it’s very important to know which services you need and which Waivers offer them. Care Lync Intake Coordinators will guide you through the entire process and use their years of experience in Medicaid Service Coordination to make sure you are enrolled in the right waiver to meet your needs.


Behavioral Supports

Service Coordinators You Can Trust. Individual and/or group counseling, behavioral interventions, diagnostic evaluations or consultations related to the individual’s developmental disability and necessary for the individual to acquire or [...]


Vocational Services

Empowering People with Disabilities Through Employment.  Service Coordinators You Can Trust. Finding for work can be especially challenging for those living with a disability. Vocational services help eligible [...]


Assistive Technology

Providing AT Devices That Can Help Promote a Greater Sense of Independence.  Support Coordinators You Can Trust. There are a number of assistive technology (AT) devices that can [...]



Support for the Family Caregiver.  Service Coordinators You Can Trust. For family caregivers, it can be difficult to balance the needs of your loved one with your own. [...]


Home Health Aide

Providing Home-Based Personal Care Services.  Service Coordinators You Can Trust. Home Health aides assist people with physical or intellectual disabilities with daily living and personal care. Under the [...]


Home Delivered Meals

Helping to Provide Nutritious Meals Delivered Right at Your Doorstep.  Service Coordinators You Can Trust. Home-delivered meals can help people with physical and intellectual disabilities make healthier, more [...]

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