Now approved to provide Support Coordination services for individuals enrolled in the ODP Waiver in Pennsylvania!


Behavioral Supports


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Individual and/or group counseling, behavioral interventions, diagnostic evaluations or consultations related to the individual’s developmental disability and necessary for the individual to acquire or maintain appropriate interactions with others. Behavioral Supports includes a complete assessment of the challenging behavior(s), development of a structured behavioral […]

Career Planning


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Career planning is a person-centered, comprehensive employment planning and support service that provides assistance for program individuals to obtain, maintain or advance in competitive employment or self- employment. It is a focused, time-limited service engaging an individual in identifying a career direction and developing […]

Cognitive Rehabilitation


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Therapeutic cognitive activities based on assessments of the individual’s brain behavior deficits. Goals include reinforcing, strengthening, and/or re-establishing previously learned patterns of behavior and establishing new patterns of cognitive activity or compensatory mechanisms for impaired neurological systems.

Care Lync is an approved provider within the […]

Community Transition Services


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Support provided for individuals transitioning from institutional settings or other group living arrangements to a less restrictive environment. Provides financial support for security deposits, household furniture, moving expenses, utility deposits, and accessibility adaptations, etc.

Care Lync is an approved provider within the Department of Human […]

Community Based Supports


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Direct support provided to individuals in a variety of settings, including the person’s home and community. The service is designed to increase independence, productivity, and inclusion in the community and are delivered on an individual basis.

Care Lync is an approved provider within the Department […]

Community Inclusion Services


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Group services provided outside of an individual’s home that support and assist individuals in educational, enrichment or recreational activities that are intended to enhance inclusion in the community.

Care Lync is an approved provider within the Department of Human Services Home and Community Based Waiver […]

Day Habilitation


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Services that provide education and training to acquire the skills and experience needed to participate in the community. This may include activities to support individuals with building problem-solving skills, self-help, social skills, adaptive skills, daily living skills, and leisure skills. Activities and environments are […]

Environmental Modifications


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Physical adaptations to the private residence of the individual or the individual’s family, based on assessment and as required by the individual’s Service Plan, that are necessary to ensure the health, welfare and safety of the individual or that enable the individual to function […]

Individual Supports


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Individual Supports are services that provide direct support and assistance for participants, with or without the caregiver present, in or out of the participant’s residence, to achieve and/or maintain the outcomes of increased independence, productivity, enhanced family functioning, and inclusion in the community, as […]

Goods & Services


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Goods and Services are services and equipment or supplies not otherwise provided through generic resources, the Supports Program, or through the State Plan, which address an identified need (including improving and maintaining the individual’s opportunities for full membership in the community) and meet the […]