NJ Support Coordination

Care Lync is authorized to self-approve plans and has been providing Service Coordination services to adults diagnosed with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities since 2011.

Your wants, needs and wishes are at the very core of every action we take on your behalf. We work with your Care Team to ensure that they understand the goals you want to achieve and won't stop until we find you the supports and services you need to get there

Our entire New Jersey team lives and works in the communities where their consumers are. This coupled with our strong relationships with providers throughout the state further ensures that you get the best support and services available. Meet the New Jersey Team.

Our Approach to Service Coordination:
The Consumer Comes First

Self-Approve Plans Means You Don't Have to Wait.

Care Lync is authorized to self-approve Individualized Service Plans throughout the state of New Jersey. This means that as soon as your care team agrees on a plan, services can start instead of you having to wait weeks for state approval.

We Care About You

Providing Support Coordination Services isn't just a job to us, it's our passion. Each member of our team has a deep commitment and passion for helping people live up to their true potential as independently as possible.

New Jersey is Our Home

All of the members of the New Jersey care and enrollment teams live and spend their days in the very communities where the participants we support live. Being from the same areas provides the team with a deep knowledge and connection to the providers in your area.

You’re in Control

Your wants, wishes and goals are at the very heart of everything we do. Our main goal is to be your advocate in order to ensure that you get everything you want and need in order to live as independently as possible in your community.

Team Approach

Instead of an individual case manager, you’ll work with a team of committed staff who bring diverse expertise and perspectives to help you navigate big life choices in the smartest way possible.

With You Every Step

Whether you’re trying to enroll for the first time or have been receiving services through DDD for years, we’ll help you fill out forms, navigate enrollment, and get the services you need.

Frequent Check-Ins

We contact our consumers and their providers more than the minimum monthly requirement to ensure that you’re happy with the services you’re receiving. If you aren't satisfied with your services, or your needs have changed, our goal will be to see you as soon as possible to get you what you need.

Work With Us


Enrollment Support

Our enrollment team is here to help you navigate the process of transitioning from PerformCare at age 21 or simply enrolling for services for the very first time. Our team focuses on helping you fill out all of the forms needed as well as collect and provide the necessary documentation.


Switch to CareLync

Want to switch from another Support Coordination Agency to Care Lync? We can help you fill out the necessary paperwork and then work with you to get your services where you want them to be.

Our Promise

Empowering adults diagnosed with Physical, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to live the life they want to the fullest. At no cost to you.