Our team provides peace of mind and guidance for every step of the process, from enrollment to ongoing check-ins.

1. Get to Know Us

Give us a call at 833-333-LYNC (5962) or submit an online inquiry to request a call back. We’re happy to set up a phone consultation or in-person meeting to answer all of your questions on how we can help you or your loved one.

2. Create a Plan

Once your assistance level is determined by DDD and you select our services, we’ll schedule a meeting with you and our team. We’ll work together to create an ISP that addresses your needs and moves you toward your goals.

3. Contact Providers

We then get to work contacting providers from your local area and finding ones that are the best fit. We’ll connect you with services you’re comfortable with and their support will begin as soon as possible.

4. Finalize and Approve Plan

Once the team agrees on the plan, we self-approve it the same day. We’re one of the few (8 percent!) of New Jersey Support Coordination Agencies that can do this, and it saves a lot of waiting and headaches.

5. Ongoing Check-Ins

From then on, we’ll check in on a regular basis—more than the minimum monthly requirement— to see how things are going. We’ll work with you as your priorities evolve over time. If new needs arise we can help you adjust your plan to meet them, or if you’re unhappy with any of the providers you’re working with we can support you in finding a better fit.

6. Continue your way to living your best life!

It seems too easy!

We’ve built our business on above-and-beyond customer service. We do everything within our power to ensure that the process is as smooth and predictable as possible. We don’t control the whole process of course, so there are occasional issues that arise that are beyond our control, but the longer we’ve worked in this space, the better we’ve been able to prevent these and/or correct them as needed.

You don’t need to put up with uncertainty, miscommunication, and headaches just trying to keep the services you depend on.

Let our dedicated team help!

833-333-LYNC (5962)

Frequently Asked Questions

A Support Coordination Agency is “an organization qualified by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) to assist participants in identifying and gaining access to the services and supports they need.” Support Coordinators work with the person and their family to:
  • Identify the person’s support needs and preferences
  • Develop the NJ Person Centered Planning Tool and NJ Individualized Service Plan
  • Locate providers for needed services
  • Ongoing monitoring of supports and services
  • Respond to urgent service related needs through our 24/7 on-call staff other service related needs of the person and/or family
We can connect you with any of the services available under your Medicaid waiver, based on your budget priorities. View those services here:

We serve all of New Jersey. Our entire New Jersey team lives and works in New Jersey and brings deep connections to many communities throughout the state. We’re also one of the few Service Coordination Agencies authorized throughout New Jersey to self-approve Individualized Service Plans, saving you time and headaches.

Our services are fully covered by the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and cost you nothing. All consumers receive a Support Coordinator and the costs are not deducted from your waiver budget. Support Coordination services are free to you, no matter who you work with. So why not work with the best?
No, DDD solely decides how much each applicant receives based on a standardized assessment completed during the intake process called the NJCAT. That being said, we can ensure that your application is accurate and thoroughly describes your needs level. We’ve filled out countless applications and have the experience necessary to capture a person-centered description of you to ensure you receive the funding level you need.
Our Support Coordinators contact our consumers and their providers more than the minimum monthly requirement. If ever an issue or concern is noted during a monthly contact, the Support Coordinators will make every effort to resolve it as soon as possible. First and foremost, they will ensure that the consumer’s health and safety are maintained. If there is an imminent risk of harm to the consumer, this issue will be escalated as appropriate in addition to the Support Coordinator remaining with the consumer to ensure their safety until a plan of action/resolution occurs. Other methods to resolve non-imminent issues include scheduling a team meeting to discuss the issue and develop a resolution, researching and visiting new resources/providers if necessary, and changing supports and services in the consumer’s ISP in a timely manner.
Care Lync has a Supports Coordinator on-call after hours. The phone is answered from 5pm-9am daily, and 24 hours on the weekends. If not answered, voicemails are returned by the on-call SC within 30 minutes. The Support Coordinator on-call will evaluate the needs of the consumer and determine the next action. When necessary, the Support Coordinator will contact a Supervisor for additional support for an after-hours call. The on-call Support Coordinator also sends a summary to the Support Coordinator of the call and documents as appropriate.
Our team has a lifetime of experience in the field of disability supports. Our director has been working with people with disabilities for nearly twenty years. Several of our Support Coordinators have direct family members with Intellectual Disabilities and are passionate about ensuring that others receive the best level of care possible. Our team members bring a wide variety of experience and certifications in many areas, including applied behavior therapy, population health, addiction recovery, aging services, mental health services, and residential counseling.
Collectively we can apply our experience to help you get what you want out of life.
All of our New Jersey staff live and work in the New Jersey communities they serve. Several members of our team have family members who are receiving services in the system we support. All have educational backgrounds related to social work and psychology and have a passion for supporting those diagnosed with disabilities. One of our team members runs a non-profit memorial foundation that supports and provides to local people and organizations in the community, ranging from recreational activities and events to delivering financial support, whether it is on an individual or group basis. Another team member’s family is actively involved in the Special Education System and participates in outreach opportunities all over the state throughout the year.
We encourage our Supports Coordinators to participate in trainings throughout the year well above and beyond the required amount of training specified by DDD. Over the past year, we’ve participated in trainings related to: human trafficking amongst vulnerable populations, supporting age-related changes in supports, financial crimes against those with I/DD, ethics, dual diagnosed ID and Schizophrenia, disability civil rights, and the Able Act. In addition, our staff meet together weekly to discuss current issues and resources so that we are all as educated as possible and are able to ensure our consumers are maximizing the resources available to them.

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