Providing Ways for Chronic Pain Sufferers to Find Relief. 

Service Coordinators Here to Help You Understand Your Pain. 

Chronic pain takes on many different forms. It may stem from an injury such as a neck sprain or there may be an underlying illness. Though defined as any pain last more than 12 weeks, chronic pain has no clear cause.

Pain is a personal experience and is often difficult to understand even for family and loved ones. However, you are not alone – an estimated 30 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. When you have access to care, the treatment goal is to both reduce pain and improve function within your respective community.

Care Lynch Coordinators help adults with cancer and their families navigate the Department of Human Services Medicaid Waiver program. Depending on how much assistance required, our expert team helps cancer Participants under the Attendant Care Waiver. This includes helping eligible Participants get access to additional resources, such as therapeutic counseling services, available under the Independent Waiver.

Care Lync Service Coordinators can help make life more manageable and accessible for chronic pain patients by helping with the following:

  • Waiver assistance: Care Lync Coordinators help Participants develop a service plan that best suits their needs and goals.

  • Service guidance: Our will seamlessly coordinate and monitor the provision of service providers, ensuring the health and welfare of each patient.

  • Community Integration: By helping patients get access to the services provided to them under their waiver, we hope to help them adjust to a full, independent life.

Our Promise of Empowerment

Care Lync provides service coordination for adults diagnosed with Physical, Intellectual and Developmental disabilities who are enrolled in the Department of Human Services Medicaid Waiver Programs. Since each waiver has its own unique set of eligibility requirements and services, our Coordinators guide Participants to the resources and available options. Our passionate team of seasoned experts help ensure that our Participants get the care they need in order to lead a healthy and independent lifestyle in their home and community.

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