Empowering adults diagnosed with Physical, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to live the life they want to the fullest.

At no cost to you.

Service Coordination

Care Lync enables you to achieve your goal of living independently in your home and community. Learn more about the Supports and Service Coordination services we offer.

What We Do For You

At Care Lync, we believe everyone deserves a life that is fulfilling and independent, regardless of physical or mental disabilities. Our Service Coordinators work with individuals enrolled in the Department of Human Services Medicaid Waiver programs, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, to understand and secure the services they need in order to live independently, both in the home and community.

If you or a family member are seeking in-home support please call 215-273-6704 or email support.

Care Lync Benefit: We CARE

Care Lync’s Service Coordinators develop strong relationships with each individual, their families and the entire care team.

Being in close contact and having strong relationships with each Participant, their family and the Service team enables us to truly understand each person’s needs and strongly advocate on their behalf ultimately securing the best care possible for our Participants.


About the well-being of our Participants and their families


On behalf of our Participants and their families to ensure they receive exceptional service and care to live a full life


The unique situations, strengths, challenges, cultures and needs of every individual.


Our Participants to lead exceptional lives and reach their maximum potential